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21st Jul, 2008

15 October 1975: Time to kill

I think I tend to pay attention to this thing the most when I've got absurd amounts of time. This likely means that when I am studying for my OWLs at the end of the year, I will be spending no time in it at all. Not that I'm bothered on this. Others might be, or they might not be. Can't say that I'm overly concerned either way.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I think I do have better things to do. Charms homework for one, and potions for another. If any of the sixth years would be kind enough to let me know what the title of their potions text is, I think I'll see if the library has a copy so I can look into what we'll be doing next year and how much of it I already know

And was everyone and their kneazle born in October?

-Severus Prince Snape

4th Jul, 2008

28 September 1975: a simple to do list

Charms - finish essay.
Potions - uses of aconite
Defense - read pp. 25-50 again; take notes this time

I'm attempting to find some use for this thing, today's attempt will be the to do list. A staple of life as a student, that is, if you take being a student seriously at all, which I do.

And I don't know why everyone has gone about colouring theirs like it's a fashion accessory. What is the point in that?

-Severus Prince Snape

28th Jun, 2008

22 September 1975: Short & Sweet

So I suppose there is no excuse for not writing in something that manages to keep itself attached to your hip the majority of the time, is there?

-Severus Prince Snape

11th Jun, 2008

5 September 1975: Not so bad maybe

You know, I think I might have been quite wrong in my opinions on these journals far from being only another way for people to torture me

They may prove amusing after all.

-Severus Prince Snape

10th Jun, 2008

4 September 1975: Rubbish.


This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. I tried to leave the damn thing at home because it was a) worthless, couldn't write in it a bit, and b) took up too much room in my book bag, but when I actually got on the train what did I find in the bag again? My quills are all a mess because of it.

Anyway, I wouldn't write in it at all if it wasn't apparently required to read what others are writing. Not that I have any desire to read the rubbish some of you will no doubt spew everywhere. But at least some of you

So, there. I've written. Do I get a biscuit now Professor?

On the other hand, it might be useful to keep notes for classwork. On the other hand, why would I want to help everyone out by making my notes visible to the entire school? Clearly, I wouldn't. 99.9% of you are completely undeserving of such assistance.

-Severus Prince Snape

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